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I avoided surgery and am very pleased.

Michael Klein – “I am a 32 year old male who came to Shane Berquist, L.Ac. in April of 2014 with chronic pain and weakness of my right shoulder. The condition developed 8 months prior from unknown reasons. I had pain in my shoulder that I rated 4/10 (10 being the worst pain he has ever had) that I experienced about 50% of the day. The pain was a nagging achy pain that was aggravated with shoulder movements. My shoulder was so weak that I could not laterally lift my arm more than 90 degrees. This pain and weakness inhibited my capacity to work at my landscaping business. The pain also kept me from sleeping at night. I thought that I was going to need surgery for treatment. Knowing how long surgery would put me out of commission, how expensive it would be, how dangerous it is and the fact that it may not even correct the issue, I decided to try alternative treatments before resorting to surgery. I decided to see Shane for acupuncture. We did 7 times over the course of 4 weeks. After our first session my pain was completely relieved. Over the course of the 4 week treatment series my shoulders range of motion returned to full 180 degrees and the strength of my shoulder returned to 100 percent. To this day, June 2014, I still have zero pain, full range of motion and full strength in my right shoulder. I am physically working hard in my landscaping business without limitations. I avoided surgery and am very pleased.”

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