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I No Longer Find Myself in the Emergency Room

Alex Urshan, Minneapolis, MN – “Shane is a caring and compassionate healer who takes time to get to know the client and their story. I was in and out of doctor’s offices for several years, battling a serious stomach condition. I was given lots of different pills, which masked the problem, but never treated the issue from the source, so my health continued to decline. I had terrible pain throughout my entire body. I was tired, nauseous, anxious, and found it nearly impossible to receive a good night’s rest.


Over the last six months that I have been meeting with Shane, my bodily, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain has diminished. I am now back on my feet, re-entering the workforce. I am able to eat normally. My quality of sleep has improved tenfold. I no longer find myself in the emergency room, and my doctor visits are almost non-existent.


At first, I wasn’t sure that acupuncture actually worked. I was skeptical that it was a bunch of hoopla. Shane changed my view through his work and activated my body’s natural healing powers.


With each visit, I felt healthier and more present. Shane also helps the client by sharing his spiritual knowledge. Many times, I have come in with a specific problem, my head spinning, not knowing how to resolve the issue. In turn, he taught me about the power of setting intentions, in order to let the wisdom of the subconscious resolve the problem for me. I was able to manifest a living space, a new job, new connections, and more. He truly goes above and beyond what is asked for, while maintaining a calm and professional demeanor.


If you are considering acupuncture, please do it, it could change your life. And if you are looking for top grade care, I strongly recommend giving Precision Acupuncture a call. You won’t be disappointed.”

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