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It Has Renewed My Life

Victoria Ardin, Golden Valley, MN –

Health Complaints: “Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and planter fasciitis, chronic pain and migraines”

What is better now? “I’m able to take a shower without a shower chair, no more rail, no more cane, able to cut the grass, able to drive with no pain, able to sleep at night.”

Why do you like this place? “It’s a place that gave me my life back, I’m able to do things that I had not done for a year. It has renewed my life and my activities. I’m a total new person. The pain has gone from 150% no exaggeration. I used to cry when I was driving, pull over to stretch with tears. At night unable to sleep and at some nights my body will be saying just give up, this is getting worse not better. My brain will say don’t give in, you are a fighter. Then I came to Precision Acupuncture and on day 4 I was able to see the difference in my pain level. Even my husband was able to notice. I no longer use the side rails, cane, and day by day I feel like a new woman. I highly recommend Precision Acupuncture and especially the one person that changed my life Shane Berquist to everyone that wants to get their life back. Now my pain is at 20% to 30% manageable and I have not been this way in over a year. Thank you for giving me me back.”

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