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To say that acupuncture is life changing is an understatement.

Noelle Wilde – “To scratch the surface of what acupuncture has done for me, I have to back track a couple months and give you an idea of what my body felt like daily for years. The first moment I would open my eyes in the morning and start to roll out of bed, I would be hit with a wave of nausea from the aches that course along my spine, in my abdomen and throughout my entire back and legs. I would get just enough food in my stomach so that I could throw back the 800 milligrams of ibuprofen I was taking daily just to take the edge off of the pain – 800 milligrams is the maximum dose you’re recommended to take at one time and you’re told not continue with that for more than a couple days. I was taking it every day for MONTHS. I had no other pain management alternative. My doctors were so unhelpful; they threw many different hormone drugs my way saying stuff like “let’s test this one out and see how it goes.” I felt like an experiment – a walking trial and error lab. It took three years and dozens of doctors to finally diagnose me with endometriosis …after I asked to be tested for it. I would grit my teeth just to get through a work day, because if I took a sick day every time I felt sick I would never have been able to work. I averaged three ER visits a year for when I’d have a particularly horrific episode of crushing pain. When I went to Shane at Precision Acupuncture, I was on my last rope of pain tolerance and my liver was suffering greatly from all the ibuprofen. I was a little skeptical of what acupuncture might do for me, but several friends kept saying how wonderful it was. I have a phobia of needles, but at that point I didn’t care if it could relieve my pain even a little bit. What happened after just the first session was life altering. Shane put the needles in (which I could barely feel by the way), and left me to heal for a little while …I could feel something in my body release as I lay there under the heating lamp. When the needles were removed and I stood up again it was all I could do to not cry from how much relief I felt, and how my stiffness had somehow melted away. I was put on a regime of 3 sessions a week for over a month. My appetite returned, I gained some healthy weight back, I began to exercise and dance again and I woke up ready to face the day and my work in what now feels like a body as close to normal as its felt in 5 years. To say that acupuncture is life changing is an understatement. ‘When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all.’ “

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